Go ahead... Let it all out...

Office Horror Stories is the Podcast where YOU can tell YOUR office horror story!. We do not take names, we do not track numbers. We do not call you back. This is a podcast where YOU CAN LET IT ALL OUT. Whether its your current work place or an office in the past, we want to hear your Office Horror Story!


We don't want to know your name, your co-workers names or the name of where you work. We just want to hear your story. This protects your privacy and the privacy of others, while letting you share your story in a safe place.

Feel Better

Sometimes just "letting it all out" is all you need. We provide that outlet for you while keeping you completely Anonymous. We don't want your name or number. We just want to let you share your office horror story.

You Are Not Alone

Take in the stories of others, and know that you are NOT ALONE! There are bat-shit-crazy workplaces EVERYWHERE. This is where we can all come together to share in the insanity.

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Podcast Episodes

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Do A Better Job

Sometimes bosses… drunk ones…  have rather unrealistic expectations. Expectations which can never be met, nor should they be! You can do a better job!! Today on Office Horror Stories! Here’s a preview of the office Read more…

Corporate BS

Today we jump into the world of corporate bs communications. Pharisees like “dynamically coordinate fungible data” and “intrinsically reconceptualize client-centric processes”. You know, crazy shit upper management regurgitates to sound “smart”. Where does this insanity Read more…

Retail Nightmares

Retail Nightmares Working retail can be an exhausting experience. Between impatient customers and management that has no business being in management, the battle sometimes never ends. Retail Nightmare stories today on Office Horror Stories! Here’s Read more…


Overworked Sometimes employers just ask too much of their employees. Its one thing to be efficient, its another to expect the impossible from a single human being. Today, we talk about overworked and overstressed employees, Read more…

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